A Good Woman and her Good Man

Taking care of a “good” woman is one of lifes sweetest pleasures for a good man. A good woman is not defined by her curves and swerves…although those things are divine.

When a good woman comes across a mans path, he is stopped in his tracks. If he is able to capture her attention, he will never lose her gaze if he honors her.

A good woman provides insight and shares her intuition. She aids in the development and launch of his next level and provides the support and stability he needs to secure his bag while deepening his life’s mark. Her being provides nourishment,  her touch heals and her words encourage.

This woman’s man esteems her by providing faithful love, unwavering loyalty and the freedom she needs to be and continue to be. He eases her burdens, carries her bags (literally and figuratively) and every day she has one less need and one less worry. Any tears she shed are ones he he did not cause but will surely wipe.

When a woman loves a man he knows it. When a man loves a woman, every one knows it.

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