Best Life Living!

We are half way through the year and it seems like I was just doing the 2019 Happy New Year countdown.

One of the things I had to acknowledge was that the courage of the PRESS THROUGH ushered me into this beautiful now. What I am most impressed with is this “everything I ever wanted” intimate love space I am in and my children are in.

I was most concerned with a man loving my daughter just as much he loves me. I actually prefer that he loves her more. I did not want to be the center of the relationship. She had to be the center of the relationship in order for it to stand a chance and this wonderful man is committed to her inspite of me. She receives just as much attention as I do. To see her experience such a pure love from a man who is not her biological father, makes my life sweeter. Better. Fuller. E-Richer.

They have this amazing bond that is separate and distinct from me so if I decided to do the “you have got on my nerves” exit, I will always have to love him because he will actively be in her life forever. He has made that abundantly clear and she has made that clear.

The beautiful thing about this NOW is that I do not have to make any concessions or adjustments for it so there will not be an exit. I am full throttle me all the time and as a free woman, it is so exhilarating to rock with a dude who actually gets me and who does not desire to change any part of me.

As I prepare for another way away, I am in awe. Awe of my best love/life to date and I want to admonish you to prepare for yours. Let the trash go so you can embrace the treasure.

-Dana Lena’

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