Likened to the Sun

Sun is defined as: the luminous celestial body around which the earth and other planets revolve, from which they receive heat and light, b: a celestial body like the sun STAR 2: the heat or light radiated from the sun, played in the sun all day 3: one resembling the sun (as in warmth or brilliance )4: the rising or setting of the sunfrom sun to sun5: GLORYSPLENDOR

I am indeed likened to the sun. A celestial being in a human body in which those connected to me receive light. I am not afraid to shine. Unafraid to be.

I am quite warm with a natural body temperature of 99.8 and indeed I rock my own brilliance. Everything I touch, grows. Blooms. Becoming more of what it is, what it is purposed to be. Who they are purposed to be.

I use to try and harness and control my being. In an attempt to be less blinding; not as penetrating.

Those days are gone.

Lately, I have become more and more intolerant of ownership language and become quite irritated at mans attempt to lay claim to me.

I am not anyone’s woman.

I do not belong to anyone. I cannot be bought or bartered for. No cows or goats as a dowry can be taken to the grave of my daddy. I cannot be molded or formed or made into some mans image.

A suitable wife, I am not.

I full throttle, grown ass free thinking and being woman, I Am.

An extraordinary partner, indeed.

I belong to me.

I share my life, my light with the one I please for as long as I desire, as often as I desire hoping not to ever leave.

But I will.

I may.

I am known to wander.

Its often on the unplanned routes, the off roads, the jungle moments where we discover something amazing. No one will keep me from discovering my amazing.

Please do not try to box me in with labels and limitations for that will make me awfully unhappy.

I will remain free.

You are invited to be free with me.

-Lily Rose

All About this Life!

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