A God Whisper and a Snatch!

God does not scream. Spirit speaks in the “still small voice, intuition, gut, something told me”…..

I am thankful that most of the time I am quiet enough to hear although I do not always heed. I am eternally grateful for God’s commitment and dedication to me even when I am hell bent on being wayward.

What a beautiful know it is to know that I am always in a pair of eternal hands better than Allstate.

Last night, was a God snatch moment.

My little girl was sleeping for the first time in what felt like weeks in her own bed in her own room. She had asked to sleep on the sofa in my room and I said “not tonight. Be a big girl and sleep in your bed”.

I kissed her goodnight. Sunk into a hot bubble bath, lavished my skin in some Lily Rose and went to bed but I kept waking up. Tossing and turning. It seems as if I was sleep with my eyes open.

Then around 4am, I jumped out of the bed like someone had snatched me. It was so powerful, I felt dizzy. I straightened myself in the center of the bed trying to become oriented. I turned on the light to go to the bath room and heard a very faint “Mommy, please. Mommy”.

I run to Hannah’s room and she is crying but at a whisper. I ask her what’s wrong and she is whispering, “my head, my head. Its pounding Mommy. I have been calling you but you could not hear me and I could not scream. My head, Mommy. My head”.

I run to hold her. She is hot. Piping hot. The bed feels like an inferno.

I let out an OH GOD!

She is full of fever. I run to the bathroom to fill the sink with cool water and get the thermometer. She has a fever of 103.7!

What the hell? She was fine when she went to bed. We had a great day. Okay, I go into Jesus Girl warrior praying mode. Start to sponge her down and give her 3 chew able aspirin. This fever has 15 minutes to go down or we are off to the emergency room.

I go into an old church mother chant like the elder women in the church do. I remember, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. In the name of Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and its this moan. I use to study them when I was a little girl. Wondering what was with all the Jesus’s, and that moaning, groaning. What is that?

But as I became this woman, I began to learn the power of “THAT” Jesus and “THAT” moan.

The fear and pain in her eyes bring me to my knees. There, I pray. Running back and forth to the sink. The towel is so hot I have to get another one and rotate them. I got to hear what Spirit is saying. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hannah, it is going to be okay.

Mommy’s got you and God’s got Mommy. Every 10 seconds, I am taking her temperature. 103.6, 103.1, 102.7, 102.4, 102.1, 101.8 and so on. I am writing it down on a piece of paper. Assuring her, she will be better than okay.

It took about 30 minutes to break and she was stable. 99.7 and then 98.9 and then 98.6


She crawls in my bed and I hold her throughout the night. Thank you, for the snatch God. Thank you. Another few degrees could have been deadly. A few more minutes tossing and turning in the bed and not getting up could have been a….

God only knows.

I kept her home today to keep an eye and heart on her. We ate chicken noodle soup, watched movies and I treated her to some ice cream. She is better. Whatever it was, it has passed and I am sure she will be in my room until she leaves for college.

But its okay. Its okay.

God’s got me.

God’s got this.

God’s got us and I am thankful for what I learned sitting in the back of that ole rickety church.

Still POWER in prayer…and chew able kids Tylenol.

-Dana Lena’

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