How Many Licks? Poetic flow!

This is a poetic, hilariously sweet and sincere response to a very serious question that got me out of bed. I had to pen. I hope it tickles you and thinks you.

So how many licks will it take to get to the center of the lollipop of a yes?

Will I ever be able to convince you to marry me?

Hasn’t my laughter soothed you? My arms protected you? My love redeemed love for you? Hasn’t the fact that I have never lied to you about a thing, proudly stand in awe of you and am always exactly where I say I will be, proven anything?

I love you and everything and everyone connected to you. I will never, and I mean never try to snip at your wings.

How many licks of the lollipop before I get a Yes. Will you ever, my love say yes?


I love the love we live, the love we make. The saying of your name…correction. Screaming of your name.

I love the man you are. You have never been a project for me and never will be.

Thank you, Baby.

You are indeed a breath of fresh air without damage or drama

Broken promises or bruised hearts

You are just what my imagination told me a man would be

Responsible, ethical, loving and upright. Skilled, articulate, kind. A warrior in a suit with some tims in the back of the closet just in case the Armani has to you know come off

And a mfer has to catch hands

I absolutely adore every thing about you

You sit on the throne

Second to absolutely no one


But I will never say YES to a piece of paper that gives you governance over me even though you say you would not try to rule me

That is in part what that paper means

Wives are limited to what they can do legally

Wives are expected to perform a certain way socially

Govern their bodies within some patriarchal religious societal norm

Stand and be cute and shit

Smile at the dinner parties and shit

Grin when babies and other women come home and shit

Checking in with husbands and shit

Sleep on a side of the bed and shit

Have to get permission to terminate pregnancies they do not want and shit

Fuck when they do not want to and shit

Can’t move and be unless he is agreement and shit

Giving detailed explanations and itineraries and shit

A wife is subject to her husband and shit

I am subject to no man and thats that on that

Jesus and Jesus alone. Forever a JG but you already know this about me

If it ain’t in RED I can’t rock with it


A legal wife can not move and groove as she desires

She has to get approval and shit

Signed permission slips and shit

“Did you ask your husband” and shit

Nothing about that appeals to me

Absolutely n o t h i n g

My girls keep saying I better say YES before I lose you

Or before one of them heifers say Yes to you

Well, to that I say I am worth the risk

I am something to lose

If you go, I will always have me and I hate to say

I got to have me even if I do not have you

Love you snuggly boo

Now can we put this behind us once and for all so I can get back in the bed and you can keep on with those licks!

-Lily Rose

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