Yes and No the Remix: Poetically Speaking

Please understand that I am not a little girl

But a fully formed grown ass woman

You cannot go to my fathers grave

Offering dowrys of silver or gold or sheep or goat

I am not for sale

I am free

I was born Dana Lena’ Perry

I have spent years knowing her

Loving her

Building and developing her

I will not forsake her for you

I am free

I am just as proud of my father and his name

As you are of yours

I carry his blood in my veins

He deserves and will be honored

I will not forsake him

I will not forsake me

To love you

I got receipts

Titles and Deeds

I can finance me

What I need and want from you

Is not monetary

Can you, will you

Give me extraordinary?

My juice box is not a political, democratic matter.

Nothing concerning her is up for debate or negotiation

Mine to do with as my heart or pearl desires

I am not interested in policing your dick

You do with what you wanna do

Gotta do

Just be willing and honest enough to live with whatever consequences your actions bring

You tooare free

I do not want your loyalty and presence because law says I am to have it

I only want it if you want to give it to me

Honestly and freely unapologetically

I do not want you to feel compelled to call, show up and stay because we have rings that govern our behavior

If I truly love you

You will never want to leave

Unless you are foolish enough to bring out the Danequa in me

I say no to a piece of paper that give you rights and governance of me

I say no to seeking approval to take a girls trip, a promotion, start a new business or buy another piece of property

I do not do signed permission slips

You are not my daddy

But to this, I say yes

I say Yes to loving you, taking care of you and feeding you.

I say Yes to supporting you, cheering for you and making you Greater than you ever imagined being

I say Yes, to building our unique individuality and empires without fret or fury

I say Yes to our kids growing together and sharing their lives together

I say yes to bringing our two worlds together when we want to

and retreats to our own home sanctuaries when we need to

cohabitation is usually the first option for struggling people

Let’s live together so we can save some money

That is not a success plan

That is a recipe for disaster

I say yes to opening my heart, my soul and my legs to you

I say yes to exhaustive passionate love making where we have lost awareness of time and space

Yes, Baby

Yes to our future without the stains or smell of a wretched past


Yes to two whole and free people coming together to create something magical, mystical, spiritual and everlasting

Come on Now, give it to me

Don’t you wanna hear me say YES!

-Lily Rose

All About Auspicious Living


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