Poetic Flow: I Say Yes!

I say Yes to loving you, taking care of you, making love to you and feeding you.

I say Yes to supporting you, cheering for you and making you great. Greater than you ever imagined being

I say Yes, to building our unique individuality and empires without fret or fury

I say Yes

I say Yes to our kids playing together, growing together and sharing their lives together


Yes to bringing our two things together when we want to and retreats to our personal solitude when we need it

Yes, Baby

Yes to our future without the stains or smell of a wretched past

Yes to our today,

Hurry up and get here

I got a few Yes’s I need to say

Pull me up on video but promise to keep your eyes on the road

Yes, baby. Yes.

-Lily Rose

All About Auspicious Living

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