Poetry In Motion

I do not want another name on my lips

Or my tears to fall on another chest

I do not want another lover

No one else will know me our way

How I bend my back into your thrusts

Or how I kiss your face and pant your name

Or how I feed you the sweetness that is me

I am a whole grown ass woman sippy cup

That self replenishes and refills

I desire for all women to know the depth of what we share

It will open her soul in ways she could never imagine

Wholeness has everything to do with the honesty in every single moment

You have never deceived me

Thank you baby

You brought a higher revelation to the meaning of sanctity

You are what my heart has ached for

What I knew was possible

I cannot thank you enough for standing in the rain for me

And for teaching me to say yes


No one else will ever get this part of me

It is mine to do what with what I please

And I give every ounce of me to you

Stand back and take it all in

Breathe baby


Our thing does not require that I lose any part of my being

And as a result I have multiplied

In every measurable way

You are good for me and to me

-Lily Rose

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