When we are leaving a love

It is natural 2 feel as if we may never love “that way” again

Our heart remembers the last memory….almost always fondly

Regardless of how deceptive that may be

Then you came along

Not really a chic that likes giving up her space

Literally or figuratively


You waited

I was always busy

My phone was always off

Always out of town

Yet, you stayed

Pressing in on me like the sun on a hot summer day

I remember the day I allowed you to see me

I allowed you to kiss my face

And remember the day I kissed yours?

Kissing can be absolutely magical

It opens up the chambers to ecstasy

A man who had seen quite a bit

Discover something new in my arms and between my thighs

I am an impossible woman to hold down

But you have a really good grip on me

So you think

I cannot promise you forever

But I willingly give you today

And our today is as good as a million days

-Lily Rose

All About Auspicious Living


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