Your Comfort Zone SUCKS!!!

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It is pleasant. It is warm and cozy. It is where you are, have always been and will continue to stay because there is no risk of hurt, disappointment, failure or rejection there. There- inside of your comfort zoneNOTHING grows except contentment and apathy. “Why is that bad?” you might ask. I will tell you. You do not grow there. Your dreams do not get realized there, and no one wins when you don’t go for your dreams- not you or the people who will be impacted in a positive way because of your dream. And the most dangerous thing of all is that you may not even realize that you are stuck there. Yes, it feels good to be there, but you risk forfeiting all that you were created to do and designed to be if you never venture out of the place you call home. It is time to get out of the comfort zone….

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  1. Take nothing for granted. Do not assume that you will be given the gift of tomorrow or next week to “make it happen”. Consider this: most people on their deathbeds regret the things they did not do rather than the things they did. If today was your last day alive, what dream would you take to the grave with you? Think about it. Get a plan to make your dreams come true. It is solely up to you.
  2. Switch up your routine. If you normally travel the same way to work every day, switch it up! Enjoy a different route and all of the scenery that comes along with it. If you normally eat the same meal at your favorite restaurant, switch it up! Ask the waiter or waitress for recommendations. Get a new hairstyle! Buy a dress or piece of clothing that you would never normally wear! Rearrange the furniture in your house and paint the walls! Do something adventurous and fun! What is my point? Shake yourself up! Jump out of the box in the simple things, and it will make it easier to stay out of the box with the “bigger” things.
  3. Move toward your fears. Identify three of your deepest fears and tell someone about them. Then get a plan to overcome them. When you make the steps toward overcoming them- because more than likely conquering your fears will not happen overnight- CELEBRATE! The fact that you were courageous enough to face your fears by acknowledging them to someone else then creating and following through with a plan to conquer them is HUGE and definitely worth celebrating- even if you are the only one at the party!
  4. Try something new until you feel comfortable. You don’t like speaking in front of crowds? Join Toastmasters. You don’t like to cook? Get a new recipe from Youtube or a trusted friend and try it. You’ve never been good at sports? Join a recreational league in your city or community. Whatever it is- COMMIT to practicing, getting the experience and know-how that you need and keep plugging away at it until you feel comfortable doing some activity outside of doing what you normally do. Challenge yourself to get uncomfortable being comfortable and get accustomed to the unordinary. Your self-esteem will soar at every celebration that you hold for yourself when you dare to do the uncomfortable.
  5. Get an accountability partner. Find someone who you can trust and tell them about your upcoming adventures outside of your comfort zone. Let them know that you want to be held accountable for stepping out, and make sure that you both are clear about what that means, whether it is a phone call or text bi-weekly to offer you support or if it means actually accompanying you on some of your “adventures”. Having an accountability partner helps to keep you on track and out of the box! Get someone else to invest their time and belief in you. It will make the journey out of your comfort zone more exciting!

A seed can never grow inside of a pack. It must be planted and watered so that its full potential- what it is created to be- can be realized. It is the same with you. You will never grow to your full potential or realize who you are destined to be while you live “inside the pack”. It was just a place for a beginning- not an ending. Get out of the pack. Get out of your comfort zone. An abundant, exciting life is waiting for you out there.

C. Mack

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