Dishonor and Disgrace: The New Normal

This is iconic B. Smiths husband and his tramp. I will refer to neither of them by name because they are not worth being named.

Iconic B. Smith is suffering from Alzheimer which is a terrible disease that eats away at the soul from the inside out. My mother worked in a nursing home for many years when I was a child, and some of her patients suffered with this disease.

It was heartbreaking to see. Some days after school, I would go to the nursing home to read them stories and brush their hair. One woman I remember fondly, was Miss Ann. She was a sweet old woman with long silver hair. I would brush it and give her an Indian styled braid that hung almost to her waist. Some days, she remembered me and some days she did not so his claim that B. Smith is on board with this arrangement is suspect.

B. Smith was the first black women to be on the cover of Mademoiselle magazine in 1976. Smith owned multiple restaurants called B. Smith. The first opened in 1986, on Eighth Avenue at 47th Street in New York City and her interest in décor and restaurant design led to the development of her first home collection, which debuted at Bed Bath & Beyond in Spring 2001. B. Smith. She is a best selling author and beloved around the world.

This husband of hers has benefited and profited from her success. Somewhere along her very successful life, she picked him up and he became a business partner, but there is little known about any substantial business successes before he married her.

He decided that his happiness was of supreme importance and to tell the world that he moved this tramp into his wife’s home. When one decides to make public what should remain private, they invite the worlds criticism into their space and I am here for it.

I suspect he decided to make this public so he can continue to profit from his wive’s success and I would not be surprised if his intentions are to “air” this disgrace with some kind of reality show.

His happiness should not come at the expense of his wife’s dignity. B. Smith before her illness was a regal presence. She was always poised and polished. He has recently released pictures of her frail and weak, fighting for her memories…for her life.


Love covers and protects. It does not expose a partners vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Love does not subject her to the scrutiny and devices of other women. Love does not force her to watch him love another woman in her face. Love treats her with reverence, dignity and grace at ALL times, in ALL situations.

I put a mans shit out for allowing a bitch to post a comment on OUR blog. I have zero tolerance for disrespect and I do not compromise my value and when lines are crossed, I burn the house down. Period. I will never and I mean never allow a man to allow a woman who is connected to him to disrespect me in any shape form or fashion.

His response to such must be swift, firm and intolerant.


This woman is profiting and living off B. Smiths back. She should not be in this woman’s home under any circumstances. It is a sacred space. A real woman would not have done this. A woman with personal integrity would not have moved into another woman’s house down the hall. She would not be in her kitchen cooking meals and walking around in a robe. Some women never miss an opportunity to be a low life.

Personage is important and the fact that this trick could just pick up her “life” and move in with a man is very telling. Every real woman I know, over 25 has her own house, car, income and is self sufficient. These rent a center chics that need a rescue put the women’s movement back 355 years.

And if you the brand of tramp that need a rescue, that is your 911 story but have enough self decency not to wear another woman’s cape or sleep in her damn bed.

D I S G R A C E F U L trick.

Dana Lena’

All About Auspicious Living


  1. This is spot on! He knows B. would not have ever agreed to this well and she does not have any kids to fight for her. Sad.


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