Poetic Flow: TWB

This morning I could feel your breath on the back of my neck
as you lifted me to my knees and woke me in your very special way

It has been over 20 years since we said goodbye

And i think about you from time to time

Loving you was amazing

You were like a cool breeze on a hot summer day

And warm sheets on a cold and rainy night

You wrapped around me like a blanket of mad cool safety

I have not forgotten you

I remember our breathless nights

Our hot morning showers and the days we never made it out the house

And those sweet orgasms i could have

With you just kissing the center of my hands

Haven’t had one of those since you

And our nectar dripping from my thighs

These were the days before I became wife and mommy

Days I knew a different kind of free

I cannot forget you

I do not even want to

Your memory reminds me of delectable salaciousness

Love without filter or boundaries

You found me recently

Pleading that I come back to you with a DM or two

I can’t

For reasons we both know

We had our time

I had to go

Occasionally, I miss you so

And you should know

Another has not even come close

Lily Rose

All About Auspicious Living

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