Sex Bots and Sickos

Okay. I tried to ignore this. I first learned of this madness when I was at the bookstore with my daughter. We love hanging out at the bookstore and as she had her head buried in the newest girl power release, I was in the magazine section and came across an article in RollingStone that made my head hurt.

Now, I must say I was conflicted. I was icked the hell out, like who in the hell would pay to sleep with a damn doll? How sick must one be? Then, that was met with indignation as I wondered how many women who chose to work in brothels, would be affected by doll brothels?

Doll brothels.

Jesus, this is what man has come to.

Doll brothels. I am saying this like HE does not already know how sick man is.

I digress.

So I got to thinking about the crime of prostitution. Many people do not know that brothels have only been illegal in the U.S. and Europe since the end of WWII. Some argue that making sex work illegal has caused less safety and autonomy for the prostitutes, and that they were much better off when they were working in a legal trade.

I do not personally endorse the sex industry. I think it is a Pandora’s box of issues, complications and moral and spiritual disease, however; I am always for a woman being in control of her life and her choices. So to the women who chose this line of work, it should be safe and regulated as any other line of work. They should be in control of all aspects of their business and operations as any CEO would.

CEO of her pussy. Yeap. If that is what a woman is going to do, do it with the least amount of damage possible, be licensed to carry, know karate and have security outside the room, always. Security that she pays an hourly rate…not a pimp. Pimps are punks.

Banks have armed guards. Pussies should have armed guards…for it is way more valuable.

So will these doll brothels, put live brothels out of business? Will creepy men who buy sex be more prone to book an hour with a doll as opposed to a real woman?

The stats I guess will be in soon but I am settling on this.

I do not think women in the sex industry really want to spend time with a man who would want to have sex with an object. Like that dude, has a soul disease on another level and she is probably better off without those coins.

Maybe we will see a decline is sex crimes against women and children, I doubt it. We probably will see an escalation of deviant behavior because deviant behavior cannot be contained. It grows like mold on wet carpet in the tropics.

Any dude that would consider such with an object is not worthy of the time a woman would give him. Nothing compares to the scent, movement, rhythm, aura and whispers of a woman who wants to give it to a man at cost or just because she wants to.


So let these sickos have their dolls at $300 an hour. Just please keep them far away from the rest of us.


I am curious to see how many dolls will be missing limbs and beat up or kidnapped.

God. Help us. WE NEED YOU. This is what Your creation has come to.

*All About Auspicious Living

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