Live with Dana! Setting the Record Straight|Speaking Against Donald Trump will NOT result in a curse! BlogTalkRadio

I am installing a new feature on my platform called For the Record. The purpose of this podcast will be to address any egregious misinformation of dangerous rhetoric a guest on my show may spew.

My show, Live with Dana is live. Straight off the cuff and it is not edited. It is a conversation in real time about real issues. My guest yesterday, Sonya Waddell went off topic and said some things I must address and clarify because what she said about speaking out against Donald trump is extremely dangerous. There would not be a need for this clean up, had she left her comments as her opinion…but when she interjected GOD in matter, she took it to another level. Not only did she misspeak, she is dead wrong. Dead sea, wrong. Listen here for the 411!

Source: Live with Dana! Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio


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