2019 Yes, Yes, Yes!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a delightful NYE celebration.

As I sit in my office, planning for the next week; I am immensed in peace and clarity. On most days, I have the vision of an eagle. I will occasionally get distracted but that does not happen very often. The vision I have now, has a laser affect to it. It feels as if I am already living, already in the place I am on my way to. Very strange…but I am settling in it.

This year I am committed to doing more meaningful work. Advocating for equality for women has risen to the top of my list as well as countering racism and hatred in word and deed.

I have also settled into myself in a very special way. For so long, parts of me have been restricted in an effort to make other people comfortable. I realized last year that I am not responsible for other peoples comfort level. I am a 100 watt bulb and 100 amps. If I am too bright or vocal for some, they need to invest in sunglasses and ear muffs. I am walking in authority, dominion, increasing my territory while doing what needs to be done and saying what needs to be said.

As a mother, it is important that I release into the world, loving, capable, equipped, informed, responsible and productive human beings. Having a boy and girl child has really allowed me to address gender inequality in a very meaningful way.

I will not have two different lesson books or standards for my children. What I tell my son is the same thing I tell my daughter and vice versa. Hannah needs to be just as successful and capable as Evan. Evan needs to be self sufficient and resourceful so he can take of himself as does Hannah. I am not teaching him that he needs to take care of a woman and I am not teaching her that she is to be taken care of by a man.

The lesson is, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. STAND ON YOUR OWN. KNOW WHO YOU ARE. LIKE WHO YOU ARE. DO YOU and share that with whomever you like without drama or trauma . Allow no one to abuse, limit or hinder you. That goes both ways at all times.

My son should not start off his life with the burden of feeling as if he is to take care of another grown person. How ridiculous is that? When he becomes a whole person he will attract a whole person. Two wholes make a whole. Two halves make two halves.

This year is going to be amazing. It is already off to an exceptional start. I want to encourage you to sit with yourself, dig in and discover what makes you tick. What sets your soul on fire and move closer to that and as you do, by default you will be further away from anything and anyone that does not serve, honor and revere you.




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