Narcissism, Misogyny and Disrespect is not Romantic!

I along with the rest of the world woke up to images of this foolishness. Offset ambushing Cardi’s show with his bullshit.

After showing her, he is a serial cheater and irresponsible, Cardi walked away from her roller coaster marriage and Offset has been in “beg mode” ever since.

He shows up last night at her concert with TAKE ME BACK signs and flowers and declarations of “I LOVE YOU CARDI” in her microphone.



I am appalled by all of the comments of how romantic, he is really sorry, he loves her.


She dismissed him.

Righfully, so.

He is in the way of her BEST.

Offset and men like him love themselves more. Showing up at her place of business uninvited speaks to his entitled, narcissistic, misogynist persona. It is not cute.

It is not romantic. It is extremely problematic.

Free women are no longer allowing this kind of behavior. We are not allowing men to cheat, abuse, disease, embarrass, humiliate and then come back with apologies and gifts (shit we can buy ourselves…by the way).

Impress a bitch by giving her something she cannot give herself. Okay, that is ghetto, heathen Dana, manifesting. Got me all indignit on the Lord’s day!

I digress.

Young women, hear me. How you start off is how you end up.

Its a spiritual principle. A spiritual law.

During the days when women were property, and ached to be married and saved by a man so she could survive are over.

The days women longed for a proposal and a ring and a promise to live his happy ever after are over. The days of grinning proudly like a cat with a piece of cheese because “you get to wear his name” are over.

Our names suit us just fine, thank you very much.

Women know now, better than ever that we are strong, powerful, self sufficient and deserving of a real love.

A love that is true.

A love that is faithful. A love that honors. A love that protects. A love that is responsible. A love that does not hurt.


We are beyond the days were we allow men to mistreat us and then win us back with a piece of jewelry, a grocery store bouquet and poster board and crayola markers.  

Free women know that their presence will demand a man’s very best…all the time.

Low women, broken women cannot motivate a man with her being. She does not get his best for no reason.

She gets his best only when she accepts his worse.

She only gets his best when he is in the dog house. In make up mode. When he wants something from her. A vicious, destructive cycle.

Broken women attract and retain broken men.

Free women attract and retain whole men. Men who do not need them to breath or see. Men who are already soaring and thriving. Men who are moral and good in the core of their being.

Some shit good men just do not do. They are not perfect, they just have pride and self control.

Cardi is understanding who she is as a young woman. Coming into herself She will be just fine and she will do what is is best for her being and her soul. She will learn to hush the screams of her flesh. What feels good  is never what is good in these type of situations.

It forever stands in the way of BEST.

This behavior is unacceptable and this ambush of her at work is beyond acceptable. Narcissistic and misogynist energy is a two headed demon that will torment a woman’s soul. Eat at her in the quiet of the night. She cannot get those pieces of her soul back, her time or those years.

Wasted…..on a man who revealed himself right out of the gate. 

Cardi B generation. Hear me and hear clearly.

Be good to yourself.

Love yourself. Honor your being. Hold yourself in high regard and quickly dismiss people who violate your life tenants. This will keep you free. This will keep you on track and in step with your soul and this lead you into the arms of a man who won’t have to lose you to love you. Trust me, you  do not want that kind of person in your life. You JUST DON’T.

(For the discussion, tune in here,

D. L. P.

All About Auspicious Living

P.S. And know that having a child with a man who reveals himself not to be good for you is not a life sentence of misery. There is a man who will love you and everyone attached to you if that is what you desire. You can do it alone until you know longer have to. Believe in yourself and know what is best for YOU will always be best for your children. 

Let truth and righteousness guide you and you will be just fine.

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