Married Men: Go Home!

I am interestingly social and extremely private at the same time. One of my businesses, Lily Rose Productions, require that I am out more than I want to be.

No matter what we do or where we go, there are married men on the prowl. Sitting at the cigar bars lurking. Sitting at the coffee lounges, lurking. Standing outside of the women’s restroom of Atlanta’s most sophisticated spots, lurking. Shitting in the dating pool.

There are a significant amount of unmarried women in relationships with married men. These married men are experiencing the best of two worlds. They have the place setting wife at home and the juicy girl friend down the street, around the corner and in Chicago.

This is problematic on so many levels but the most obvious is that he is cock blocking in the lives of multiple women.

He purposefully keeps himself in the way because he does not want to lose his wife and he does not want to lose his girlfriends. He does not genuinely love either. He simply needs to feed his ego and control their lives.

Being with this man, keeps both women from experiencing a satisfying and honest man…and a satisfying and honest love. REAL LOVE.

Let the single women tell it, they love him. Let the wives tell it, they love him. Both are equally committed to loving a man who only loves himself and is playing them both while often laughing at the cat fight going on between them.

I have been there. On both sides and know the experience from both perspectives. What I know for sure now, is that a man in a committed relationship of any kind who seeks love, affection, attention, sex or anything else from a woman outside of that committed relationship is a man that is damaged goods.  He is unworthy of the love, attention and affection real love affords. He will not be rewarded with the blessing of one hundred percent of a woman because he is a fragmented man.

It is all about perspective.

People settle for what they believe they deserve.

Married men who are cheating and who are serial cheaters are not winners. They are not catches. They are nothing to covet. They are selfish, irresponsible, reckless and wasteful beings who intentional misguide and deceive.

Reward their behavior with the gift of your permanent absence and the view of you being loved, respected, honored, cherished and adored by a man who loves you earnestly.

Remember, you will settle for exactly what you believe you deserve. Look in the mirror ladies and then look at him. Girlfriends and wives alike. You will decide whether being shit on is cool with you.  Some will decide that as long as he buys the toilet paper and help to wipe them clean, they are good. Others will decide as soon as he positions himself in the shit squat, his ass is out.

Self esteem and self worth will be the determining factor…or the lack thereof.

Free women, the next time a married man steps to you, send his ass packing. He is a bum and queens do not entertain peasants. He will be in the way of your King. Actually, he will be in the way of your full Queen, Your full YOU.

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