2019 Starts….NOW!!


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TEN…NINE…EIGHT…SEVEN…SIX…FIVE…FOUR…THREE…TWO…ONE…!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Right after the kisses, whistles, toasting of champagne, cheering and yelling comes the sigh of relief that one year is over and another one has begun. It doesn’t matter if the previous year was amazing or astoundingly horrible- every person I know is excited about the chance to “start over” and begin a new year with promises, resolutions and the resolve to be and do better. We celebrate the night away, eat dinner with family and friends January 1st and try to find some time between taking the CHRISTmas tree and decorations down and the dreaded return to work to think about a resolution or two just because it is the tradition. New Year equals new goals, dreams and ambitions, right? But why wait until January 1st to plan for 2019?? Why not start NOW??

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I am taking the last month of 2018 to set up the next twelve months of 2019. I am being intentional about taking time to reflect on 2018 NOW because I realize how I exit this year is how I will enter the next. If I am unsure of myself or my vision for my life or if I have unforgiveness, shame or doubt in my heart, I am going to carry those same things into 2019 if I do not intentionally deal with them. There is no magic that happens at midnight on December 31st, and there is no genie in a bottle, no formula to drink and no mystical smoke that will appear that will keep bad habits, negative mindsets and lack of focus from being hot on my trail into the next year if I do not intentionally deal with them.

It is important- no CRITICAL- that we take time to quiet ourselves so that we can sit and process all that is going on in our world inwardly and outwardly. In other words, even among the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is imperative to make the time to SIT STILL and REFLECT about 2018- that is if you want something more….

What went well?

What is still undone?

What goals and dreams are still unachieved and why?

What is the bridge between what you WANT to happen and WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

The success of the upcoming year depends on your commitment to it, and your commitment starts NOW with a realistic perspective about WHERE you are and HOW you got there. Personal accountability is key! If 2019 is going to be greater than 2018, then taking ownership and personal responsibility is the first important step.

Do you have a clear vision of what you want the end of 2019 to look like? Have you written the vision down and kept it in plain sight?

Have you shared your vision and forged relationships with the right people to help you achieve your goals?

Have you examined your belief about 2019? Do you really believe that a better version of YOU and a great life are possible?

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If you google “questions for reflection for the new year” you will get 492,000,000 results from your search. There isn’t a lack of resources or information. In many cases, there is just a lack of willingness to do the work, and doing the work starts NOW not at the dropping of the ball in Times Square. YOU are the biggest and most important project that you will ever undertake. You are worth every still moment, every vision board, every affirmation and every drop of perspiration that it will take to dominate the new year.





GO TO WORK. The life that you want is yours for the taking. TAKE. IT.

Don’t just imagine the great things that await you in 2019, create them.


C. Mack



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