Continuing the “Women don’t Mean Sh!#” Message


This is nauseating and I am tired of it. This man has a problem. He tries to rule and control women and has the  audacity to put his hands on women. Meet Reuben Foster. One team finally got it right and released him. Another team got in wrong and immediately hired him.  While Kaepernick is still NFL unemployed by the way.

This continues to send the message to women and girls that our lives are not important and neither are the crimes committed against us. Warrior Ford came forward and was shamed and humiliated and Brett the Drunk, sits on our High Court.

This fool cannot be rehabilitated. There is a problem in his thinking. He lives in the world in which a woman’s actions can disrespect, diminish and devalue him. What she chooses to do or not do, say or not say; is some kind of reflection of his weak and wack worldview of manhood.

What does MANHOOD have to do with any woman? Like, how in the hell do I get to play a role in a man’s definition of self. Isn’t that kinda sorta like self esteem. Self esteem has everything to do with self and nothing to do with anyone else. Such is manhood.

So this fool sees a woman talking on the phone to someone else as a disrespect of his manhood, and smacks the phone out of her hand and pushes her. Such a coward. Such a punk. 

If a person is disrespecting your personage, your being and your energy you put your two feet in motion and you walk out of their life. In another direction. What you do not try to do, is force your will, your brand of respect on someone else. 

I HATE men who are always forcing their views, opinions, brand of man on women.  Making us responsible for their self worth. Trying to require that we tip toe through life and not disrupt or disturb their shallowness and insecurities. If I can say something that can “shake and rattle” a dude, he needs to roll his ass on. Lioness growl and Lions can take it. Deers, not so much.

Women must be solely responsible for every area of our lives. In order to be free beings, and remain free beings; we must own our own homes, make our own money, have our own retirement plans and take care of our children. We must maintain complete ownership of our lives and share our lives with who we see fit, when we see fit, how we see fit.

The most powerful women in the world are the ones who can change the locks.

She has acquired land, deeds, titles, credit and credit cards.  She is not the one shopping for red bottoms and looking for the next baller to pick up the check at Sun Dial. She can cash any check she writes and has the means and resources to make happen what needs to happen in her life…on her terms. 

The most powerful women are those who love themselves enough to exit any situation that escalates above a whisper and they train their daughters accordingly. These women will hurt through the pain of ending a soul tie relationship before they suffer through it just to be in a relationship.  Any dude that costs a woman her pride, respect, decency and beauty comes at a price that she should never be willing to pay. That price is too damn high and those bruises never heal and she never recovers…whether she ever sees the bruises or not is irrelevant…because the pain is there and those wounds never heal.

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