One of those days!

Hundreds of you all are with me today. Reading. Thank you.

Six countries are plugged in right now. So, between this blog and Twitter I am firing on all cylinders.

I did not do any Property Management business today. I told my clients I am off until Wednesday because I am so jetlagged. After I took the kids to school, I got back in the bed only to rise at 10:55am. Mama is tired.

I have been writing and catching up on this crazy ass news and writing a 20 page paper for my Psych class and it was 3 o’clock before I knew it and Hannah was coming through the door with tears in her eyes.

W T H?

Mom, my day sucked. All this pressure because I am an honors student and now that I tested gifted, Mr. Kinle says I cannot miss any problems on the math test. He says I am excellent and he requires excellence. And I have this science project due in two weeks and Mrs. Jenen says she is expecting me to make the nationals. Mom, this is too much. And you know I am class leader and everyone was coming at me with their questions. I want to go back to the Islands. And you know I have auditions coming up.


Breathe, Hannah. First of all, You do not let anyone overwhelm you with their expectations. You do not have shit to prove to anyone. Now, you are money. Your school receives additional funding for every gifted student in the district. Your teachers receive awards and perks for performing students. Yes, they care about you but something is in it for them. Now, you do your best. Your best may be all the answers right and it may not be. The only one you have to please is Hannah. Do I need to pay them a visit?

No,  Mommy. Please don’t.

Okay, this is settled. You dry your tears and stand proud and firm in Hannah. You drive your car at your own pace. We will go science fair shopping this weekend and your project will be a reflection of your heart and your desire. As for this math test, lets get our flash cards out. Study, prepare and pray. God’s got you. He always has you. 
Breath. YOU got this because Hannah was born to reign and rule over every piece of earth she treads. Whats a math test? Whats a science project? Girl, greatness is in you. RISE baby girl. RISE AND SHINE and we will have lunch together tomorrow. Mommy, won’t growl. I will just sit. My presence will be enough.

Mama Bear

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