Naked Girls Rule the World

Anyone who pays attention to me know that I like being naked.  To be naked is to be unrestricted, vulnerable and free.

As I sit at the beach, women are hiding under cover ups. Trying to cover the cellulite, the fat, the this and the that. They are hiding what cannot be hid in day light or moonlight. They often take this same attitude into their bedroom chambers. Dashing in between blankets and insisting that the lights are off or the room dim. Hiding behind lingerie…hoping he does not see.

I do not own lingerie.  Its the silliest thing ever. What is prettier than my naked body?

Any man who notices cellulite, stretch marks or some extra juicy is not worthy of your attention or affection. Point out the inches where he falls short, a bald head, nose and ear hair and shut your damn door and your legs.

The beautiful thing about our bodies is its beauty. The fullness of my breast remind me of when I was nursing and they were full of milk…life source for my babies.

The thickness in my thighs are a testament of the mountains I have tracked and the hills I have climbed. The roundness of my behind, has a dizzying affect. It is known man to speak in another tongue.

When I sit this thang on him, and wrap these thighs around his waist, and grab those cheeks pulling him into me, cellulite would be the last thing on his mind…if I had any.

My greatest gift to women I hope is my freedom and I share it freely.

I own my name, my life and my body.  Any man who drinks the honeysuckle that flows from my sweet spot, honors me and my body. It is a temple that that I am sharing with him.  A sacred and holy place where he calls my name and calls on our God. A place where God allows me to experience goddess… HEARING MY NAME screamed, chanted and panted.

DANA never sounded so sweet.

So if your body is not what it use to be 20, 30, 40 years ago, know that it is not supposed to be. Our bodies are full of its own unique glory, splendor and grace. Don’t be afraid of it and make sure you know it and give it to the One who only sees the radiance in it. Come into yourself. Come into your body. Come into the essence of your being. Come into the fullness of your glory.

Just Come.

And while you are at it,


Go ahead. Get your divine on.

Dana Lena'




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  1. If most people wrote about this subject with the eloquence that you just did, I’m sure people would do much more than just read, they act. Great stuff here. Please keep it up.


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