Fires and Demolishens

We are told to behave. Not to scream, cry or act unseemingly. When people die, we are told to hold it together. When we are hurt and betrayed, we are told to grin and bear it.

When we are violated, we are told to hush and not talk about it. When we are disrespected and mistreated, we are told to hold on to it, because it comes with the territory.

I do not subscribe to any of that. Release is necessary. Purging is necessary. Scrubbing is necessary.

Surgery is bloody. Some things have to be cut out of us.

Immunizations sting. Sometimes we are infected and need an antibiotic.

Watching what we once loved burn down to the ground hurts. Fires destroy what what was not to be saved or savaged.

Screaming sounds awful but some pain has to be rocketed out. Its like a volcano eruption.


Volcanos serve a purpose.

Get it all out. All of the saddeness, grief, anger, disappointment and rage. Release it and release it fully and honestly.

When we do, we exhaust ourselves. We empty ourselves of it in a genuine way and then there is room for MORE. For the GOOD. For the best.

We dont want the infection still in our system in the form of hurt, anger, resentment or any othet toxicity. Get it out by any means necessary. Doing so doesnt have to look pretty or be handled they way someone else thinks it should.

We don’t want to build new homes on ashes or charred remains or a destroyed foundation because if we do, they new home will always smell like smoke and ash is not a foundation on which to build.

Release in whatever way works for you because BEST needs room. Give it room and you need to be free. So be free.

By whatever means necessary.


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