The Sacrifice’s Mothers Make

There is no love like the love of a mother. As life bearers, and life birthers we are charged to carry and nurture the life seed that is placed in side of us. When we are with child, child is with us. Most of us are consumed with doing what is best for our babies before we even lay eyes on them…and that normally does not change once we do.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon volunteering at my daughters school in preparation for Fall Festival which was today. One of my assignments, was to prepare gift vouchers for the children who are homeless. Doing so with much discretion.

Today, I had the opportunity to meet the mother of one of the homeless families. She was a young, thin woman with five children. She had fallen on hard times and I was pained in my soul. Where are these children’s fathers? Where is the man or men who made these children with her? What courage she has to continue to face each day. What faith she has to know it will get better. She has to have it, otherwise she would have driven off the nearest bridge.

As  I stared into her eyes, I saw so much life and so much disappointment. She was there today, to have a good time with her children. I wanted to do my part to ensure that she did. The children were telling me what they wanted to eat as I loaded up a tray of food for them telling them they could have anything that they wanted…and as much as they wanted.

Mom stood off to the side, smiling as her small children eyes lit up at the mountain of food I placed before them. When I asked her if she wanted anything, she declined. She repeatedly decline. She would not eat anything. “I want to make sure they have enough” she said.

They had enough and it was enough for her…but she would not eat.

Her weight told me that she did not eat much but the love in her eyes told me that her children always did. This beautiful woman reminded me of the sacrifices mothers often make for our children. Not all of us have had this kind of struggle, but all of us have decided not to do something so our kids could. I do not know how many times I have gone shopping because I needed or wanted something, only to walk out with bags of items for Evan and Hannah.

It is what mothers do.

I was humbled by her gentle grace. She looked like she was half my age but had lived 50 years of a rough life. I wanted to bring her home and tell her she could stay with me. If my house was bigger, I would have. It would not have been the first time, I opened my home to a woman with kids that needed a place to stay.

My prayer is that God reveals himself to this young woman in a way that cannot be denied. That He sends life angels to her all along the way. That whatever it is that she needs will  be provided miraculously by those on Earth who have been commissioned to be the Masters hands.

Today, I am so thankful for the Mother I had and the Mother that I am. We do what we have to do. It is not always easy but who told us it would be easy? We all can show someone some kindness and love. Let us be sensitive to the needs of others. Let us tune in to the suffering around us. Can we all volunteer to be used my the Creator every now and then?

Can we?

Will we?

Will you?

If you do, drop me a line. I would love to hear about it.

Mother Theresa said it best. ONE PERSON AT A TIME. One person at a time.

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