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Too many people respond to loss with effort. Those we love we appreciate. We show appreciation with loving kindness, support, execution, affection, respect and loyalty.

No one ever jeapordizes a treasure that they hold dear. If loss triggers love or action, confusion, manipulation and double mindedness are at work.

The man/woman who has to lose you to love you doesn’t love you at all…they just don’t want to see you loved. They don’t want to see someone else be for you what they are not. It is the highest level of selfishness.

It’s raw…but it is real.

Check the motivations and efforts of those clinging on to you. See what prompted renewed interest or “life changing” action. Was it you or was it…?

If anyone else or anything else played a hand in the cards being played, you are being played. Sadly, you know it and is that alright with you?

Motivation and manipulation often look the same. The heart of both is revealed in the why?

Examine the why and you will see and know what you need to see and know. Very few people have the courage to live in truth with their head above the sand.

Those who do are rewarded with authentic love, appreciation, freedom and awe. Faking it robs us of the opportunity to live it!

Lies are the threads that binds a sad soul. Love is what sets us free. Free to love the way we are designed,  free to be loved the way we need to be and as a result there is a light in our eyes that shines a path for others.

You know you have something extraordinary when extraordinary shows up in your life.

Love never leads to loss. Never. Ever. Never. Ever.

Know that you deserve the kind of love that doesn’t have to lose and abuse you in order to appreciate you.

D. Lena'
All About Auspicious Living

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