Rae Carruth: Should Rot in Jail and Burn in Hell


cherica yearbook.JPG

So the bum who murdered his pregnant girlfriend (Cherica Adams) and tried to kill their child because he did not want to pay child support has been released. He should have gotten at best the death penalty, and at worse life in prison.

There is all this chatter about “he has done his time” and “redemption”. To that I say, he has not done enough time. 20 years is not enough. I have a nephew serving 25 years for the sale of crack cocaine and for being in possession of fire arms.

As it relates to redemption, good for him. God saves fools. All fools. Salvation or redemption does not release you from consequences. God will indeed shelter you through the storms but you indeed have to go through the storm if you set your ship to sail in its direction.

I can give a rats ass about Ray Ray. He orphaned the child he tried to kill. He like many other bitter men, will destroy or attempt to destroy the lives of the women who carry or birthed their seed. His means and arrogance helped to push him off the ledge many men are on.

These cowards may not actually hire a hit man to kill, but the disdain and disrespect for life bearers that rot at the core of their being and anchors their soul is almost as bad. They are all over social media today championing this fools cause and screaming “he deserves to be in his sons life”.


He does not deserve a damn thing.

Parental rights can be and are often lost. You have a short window of time to show up and show out in the life of a child and when you miss it, it is gone. Courts do not issue visitation passes. They issue visitation rights and they are earned.


And I do believe a parent who tried to kill a child takes them off the”people who love the child” list.

Children only need love and it DOES NOT MATTER who that loves comes from as long as they get it.

I feel about Ray Ray as I do about R. Kelly.

Rot in Jail. Rot in Hell.

And on a side note, I will put some money on the books of any inmate who wants to talk about how RC was his girl for the last 20 years.

Yeah, lets do that interview. Live with Dana.

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