Beautiful Skin…The Lily Rose Way!

Summer for most of the country is over and we really need to take care of our skin. It is our largest ORGAN and it takes a beating in the colder months with harsh winds, falling temperatures and for some, snow.

There are some amazing products on the market but nothing quite like Lily Rose. It is an all natural organic line created by a woman. Lily Rose is miracle in a bottle. All of our customers have said great things about the line. The Glow Flow oil has worked miracles on ezxcema inflicted skin, scars and stretch marks. The Body Butter is also amazing.

Lily Rose Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub leaves your skin smooth, blemish free and hydrated. The scrub serves as an exfoliate and the essential oils provides the nourishment your skin needs. It is full of some of the best NATURAL ingredients and the sugar that is used is not something you can pick up at Walmart.

Image result for sugar scrub

Glow Flow is a winner! This blend of over 7 essential and fragrant oils will have you feeling like silk. A few drops will do. The base oil comes from Madagascar as well as the Beans in the Vanilla Bean scrub.


Image result for batch of olive oil

This Beard Balm for the Bearded Kings in your life has stumped our competitors. All natural balm conditions and moisturizes. Lily Rose is developing a BEARD WASH now so stay tuned for that.

beard balm pic (2)

The Body Butter is a new addition to the line and it is amazing. Its everything Glow Flow is but in a butter. Thick, rich and creamy.


Image result for body butter

Check our for more 411.  Beautiful skin is always in. For those of you who came out to our POP SHOP in Atlanta, we appreciate you. That know is in each order.

lily rose product pic


-All About Auspicious Living


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