7 Things Every FREE Woman Must Know and Do!

This political climate has manifested what we need to see. It has brought to the light of day our enemies and they are among us. Women, we must protect ourselves.

As a woman, the most alarming thing that has come to light is how MEN still WANT to CONTROL our MINDS and our BODIES. Women, we must protect ourselves.

As a free woman, I have known this since I was a little girl but some of our gains pushed this truth to the back of my consciousness. What I know right now is that I own me and I fund me and this a realization that all FREE women must get and get quickly.
Women, we must take care of ourselves.

I am proposing a list of things we have to do in order to live a free life.

  1. We must be prepared to fund our own birth control. That may mean putting $25 a month in a birth control RX account. Cancel a hair/nail appointment a month if you need to. Whats more important here? Stop begging legislators (men) for what we can do for ourselves.
  2. We must fund our own abortions. If we think we may ever chose to have one, add the money to the above account and include enough for a flight and an hotel stay. $1,500 should do it. If we never need it, great. Roll it into an IRA. Time to get some discipline. If we can plan vacations, we can plan for our medical emergencies.
  3. We must give companies that do not support all of our rights our resignation notice. Provide your talents to places that believe in you and support you. Google the best places in the world for women to work (if you are not self employed) and make it happen.
  4. File for a divorce and/or end that relationship with that cave man. If you share your bed with a man who feels he has more control over you than you do, replace him. He is holding you back and weighing you down. Find your Barack Obama. He is looking for you but he can’t get to you because that cave man is in the damn way. Hell, the RIGHT ONE isn’t fully his Barack yet because he needs what you have and you are still being drug around by your hair. Let it go, girl.
  5. We must support our daughters. Raise them to be empowered little girls who become empowered women. We must set a good example for them. They will walk in our steps. Contribute to a PREPAID college fund for them….right now and get them a passport. Allow them to study abroad and see more than their corner store.
  6. We must teach our sons. It is OUR job to raise our sons into the men we want them to be. If we are dealing with #4, that is not the dude to be the major influence in your sons life. Sorry. There are voices who declare women can’t raise men. Dumb asses. The job is to raise responsible, accountable, moral, loving and kind human beings. Gender is irrelevant here. Raise a great person and you will produce a great daughter/son./man/woman. The only role gender serves is a biological/reproductive one. Men who are always screaming about what it means to be a man, has HUMAN issues. They suck at being a GOOD person and put all the responsibility on their dicks…just trust they won’t be able to undo ALL of YOUR good during their times of visitation and that your Barack will overshadow the cave man’s deficiencies.
  7. We must OWN our own houses, cars, insurance policies, assets, etc. Acquire only assets. NO LIABILITIES. Step away from the banquet table and make an appointment with the closing table.

This is not an exhaustive list of course…but a great place to start. God never intended for us to follow anyone but Him. Put down the kool-aid and pick up your power!

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  1. Girl, you are something special. The best approach with you is to let you be…cause you are going to BE anyway. Great tips. Awesome advice. Watching you live this out is something to experience. Don’t ever stop being you!!!!!!!!!!!


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