C.P.R.  Critical Political Resuscitation

As a author, I know how important it is to have textual integrity and life integrity. Unfortunately, DVH Esquire the author of C.P.R. has neither.

First of all, DVH (David Vincent Harris) is not a practicing attorney. So right out the gate, he misrepresents himself. He is not licensed to practice law in his home state of Georgia or any other state for that matter. Secondly, I could not get passed his acknowledgments before I began to laugh out loud at his lies…

He begins by thanking Consuelo. A woman who is the face of twitter page Peace Up Atl, whom he divorced last year only to retrieve from what has become the boxes of his life… probably to avoid two child support orders. Nevertheless, he goes on to thank 3 out of 6 children. He left out his youngest ten year old biological daughter and Consuelo’s daughters, who would be his step children. Girls he supposedly raised.

He goes on to thank some friends and extended family. Now, I do not know what kind of tribe this fool belongs to that did not advise him of this debauchery. If you have children, you acknowledge them all or not at all. This reflects how small of a man this is and how crazy of a clan he belongs to.

He goes on to position himself as a Progressive, who is championing for our democracy and yet he is a man who has not championed to legitimate his youngest child, having abandoned her at 6 months of age only to make a guest appearance when she was 7 (Georgia defines child abandonment as neglecting a child’s basic needs for a period of 30 days or longer). He is a man who failed to establish court ordered visitation and at this point any reasonable judge would rule his opportunity to do so has passed. Child abandonment often leads to a forfeiture of parental rights and rightfully so.

He is a man who owes over $6000 in back child support, doesn’t pay the IRS or his student loan debt so I would be cautious in supporting any of his endeavors.

Unless supporting a dead beat derelict is your thing.

Most of the articles in this book, I had read before as Executive Producer of The Progressive Pugilist. A blog that was existence before it was shut down due to Mr. Harris’s lack of character and judgement.

Of course, like you I would not spend a penny on this book, a free e-book was emailed to me courtesy of a friend and I must say had it been on paper, I would have used it to line my cats litter box.

If you are looking for a progressive read check out Daily KOS and support his work. A progressive that actually has dogs in political fights (elections) that we can all support. DVH has delusions and a tribe that re-enforces his irresponsibility and supports his foolishness.

The first order of business is to to always get your house in order and support your children. Financially, emotionally and physically and then maybe then you can try to counsel others. Then maybe you can elevate yourself in the realm of public debate as an authority of some kind. Only when you interact with your children as much as you interact on Twitter can you evaluate Pop Culture and the societal conditions in which we live.

The second order of business is to get your affairs in order. Pay off your debt. Establish payment plans, pay your taxes and contribute something to society other than the venom spewed from ones mouth.

Thirdly, men right their wrongs by becoming productive citizens who encourage their offspring to become productive citizens. Encouraging a healthy and responsible relationship with authority and discouraging illegal activity. Sane men who do not have Daddy issues are not all over social media admonishing people to hate the police and wishing law enforcement would die.

And when you are the brand of man who has character, decency, and wisdom you can tout yourself as a loving father and husband.  Men stand they do not run and they do not hide. They are responsible and they clean up all their messes not just the ones that are easy to clean up.

Until then, you are nothing more than lies on paper and dead weight on the side of some poor unfortunate souls bed. Congratulations are not in order, however; a great bit of pity is.


-All About Auspicious Living






  1. Its a shame we live in a day when people can write books with this kind of character. Or lack thereof.


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