Lights! Camera! ACTION!!!


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I know….I know…

“Well, if you know then why are we having this conversation? Why haven’t you done something about it then?” That is what I want to say whenever a friend calls me with the same problem that we have talked about for the last month, and in some cases, the last year!! Why ask me for advice, cry and yell and the other end of my phone, listen what I have to say only to respond with “I know” when clearly you have done NOTHING to change to situation!?!?

I hope that you are in the mood for a critical and uncomfortable girlfriend talk because TODAY, I AM THAT GIRLFRIEND.

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Knowledge ain’t power if you don’t do anything with it! Yes, I said ain’t!

You can know ALL DAY LONG that smoking causes cancer….

You can know ALL DAY LONG that your spending habits are out of control…

You can know ALL DAY LONG that your eating habits are the cause of physical pain in your body….

You can know ALL DAY LONG that your once best friend is full of negativity and envy….

You can know ALL DAY LONG that your “boo” is not treating you the way you should be treated…

You can know ALL DAY LONG that the reason why you have not been promoted on your job because you consistently come to work late, complain or don’t do your job….

You can know ALL DAY LONG that various childhood traumas have made you one of the meanest and, as a result, one of the loneliest people that you know…

BUT if you…

keep smoking, keep spending, keep eating incorrectly, keep entertaining people in your circle that you have outgrown, keep maintaining toxic relationships, keep operating with a weak work ethic or keep refusing to seek counseling….


What good is KNOWING?

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Joan Lowery Nixon said it best when she said, “There is more to getting where you are going than just knowing there’s a road.” In other words, you must DO something, and what is that something? You must act on what you know. It is very plain and simple. People who are serious about living their best life in abundant blessings, purpose and joy are people of ACTION- without excuse, without reservation and without permission. We run the risk of putting the blame on everyone and everything else when life does not go the way we think it should go when it is simply that we have not acted on what we know to be true. No one is to blame for our inaction. Whether it is caused by fear, ignorance, intimidation or laziness, our failure to act and our failure to go for our dreams- in even the little things- can’t be put on anyone but ourselves. We are responsible for taking the action that could change the trajectory of our lives.

We are responsible for our own mental, financial, social, spiritual and physical health. Even God gives us free will and will not step down from heaven and MAKE us do anything. Our desire has to be bigger than our doubts. Our fire to live a prosperous life must be bigger than our fears. IT IS UP TO US.



It is time to ACT!


As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” There is a better version of you waiting on YOU. What are you waiting for?

C. Mack

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