Men, Integrity and their BS!

I call bullshit.

This supreme court pick is getting love from men as they come out of the closets with their stories of how irresistible they are and how women will do anything to have them. Their claims of man-ness endowed by the flames of desire, a fat ass and a pretty smile are nauseating. Man-splaining at its worse.

You hear Weak and Wack screaming how irresistible SHE is and how NO ONE could resist her. They have to put themselves on the same field as the greats with that “no one” line…

Spare me the melodrama!

Men do what they do because they are weak and do not have any character. A butt ass naked women with all the glory of a Marilyn Monroe would only appeal to the hoe in a man if hoe was in him.

Our weaknesses simply expose WHO we are. They do not create who we are!

Men who chose not to exercise dick control are men who do not have control in other areas of their lives…the areas that matter I should say. If the Equifax breach would allow, we could see their embarrassing credit reports. If their banks allowed, we would see all the over draft fees and over the limit charges and if their wives and partners were free enough to speak, we would hear about the tales of infidelities and see the abortion receipts. We would see the houses they rent with the red notices on the door and the over extended lives they lead trying to keep up with whatever is dancing in their heads.

If the women in their lives had an ounce of common sense, they would have moved on to a BARACK kinda man…and washed his last name from their identity if she were silly and empty enough to take it in the first place.

Image result for picture of barack obama in sunglasses

But they got exactly what they wanted….figuratively and literally….I digress. Whole notha piece.

Now, we all know that President OBAMA has had more ass thrown at him than Prince Roger Nelson on his straight days but why is it that we have not heard of any scandal? Infidelity? Second wives? Girlfriends? Babies? Mistresses? Side Chics? Pieces? Others?

Simple answer.

I N T E G R I T Y and self control.

I cannot stand a man who will not assume responsibility for his actions and his dick. It is always the woman’s fault and the most ignit of them all default on “well, like who could refuse her?”


Men who are always in someone else’s bed are little beings in big being bodies. They lack vision, discernment, wisdom, discretion and self control. They hide behind titles, degrees and office name plates hoping we won’t notice that they really should have crayons and a coloring book. They are underachievers hiding in plain sight using their swinging dicks as the means to help them feel better. They haven’t cheated once or twice….these fools are serial cheaters with a life of lies of behind and in front of them.

I guarantee you that who they are with now, is who they were with when they were cheating on the last and she will be ex for the next and on the merry go round of his non sense.

These men are under accomplished big fish in small bowls. A big fish in a small bowl looks really big not because its really big, but because it is in a SMALL BOWL!

You know them because they are the big mouth ones always screaming “her boobs and booty made me do it”. They are the ones with PhD’s working as claims adjusters and paper pushers, (not knocking an honest living, you know what I mean here).

Please take three seats, find something productive and rewarding to do and figure out a way to stay out of the hot chic’s bed and in your own.

Please. Single hot chics have plenty of single men who want them and all y’all married rejects please get out of our way.

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