What Are You Talkin’ About?


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My office was warm. I love it that way. I think that the heat helps me to relax and think better. I was surrounded by a sea of magazines, and it reminded me that I had not done my yearly “vision board” that I usually glue together, write some “power” words on then put under the couch. I had even gotten my children’s buy in and had them making vision boards of their own only to end up like mine- unused and in a dark and forgotten place after a week of rote affirmations while staring at the board.


2018 WAS DIFFERENT. There were things- places to go, people to touch, goals to accomplish- that burned in me like a fire I had never known before. This couldn’t be the year that ended in unfulfillment again. I refused to sit down ten minutes before the new year ushered itself unapologetically into my life wondering where the year had gone and why I did not feel as if I had accomplished any more than I had the year before or the year before that. I had to tell a different story at the end of the year, and I decided to start now- yes, in February- with a fresh vision and a fresh fire to achieve the things that I wanted to. I finally realized that the old adage, “If it is to be, it is up to me” was more than an elementary school saying that my teacher used to inspire me to action. I needed to get busy!!! I understood at that moment- like I had not really grasped before- that a vision board was only as good as my faith to actually step out and manifest what was on the board. If I kept thinking and saying the same things, I would get the same things, and it would not matter how many pictures were on the board. I needed a new confession. I needed to SAY something different so I could SEE something different (read that again). If I kept confessing defeat, fear, doubt, lack or any other negative thought that did not serve me well, then that was all that was bound to come my way. My mouth held the key to my manifestation- MY WORDS! Was it possible that my life was in the condition that it was because of what I had been saying? Could I not see victory because I had not voiced victory FIRST?

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I set out to complete my vision board. THIS would be the year that I would see the pictures on the vision board come to life. I closed my office door, cut out the pictures and words of the life that I was going to take by storm and affixed them to a poster with glitter around the edges (the glitter sealed the deal..lol..). As I was flipping through a magazine, I came across a daily affirmation by Joel Olsteen. “Father, thank You for all that you will do in 2016.” Hmmmm….I quickly got my pen and updated the year to 2018. “Thank you for Your promise that because of You I am blessed, I am strong, I am healthy, I am whole, I am victorious,  I am wise, and I am well able to accomplish everything that You have prepared for me!” THIS WAS IT! Just those few lines gave me the fuel I needed to create a different world with my words! I was becoming an active participant in my destiny simply by the words I declared! I felt empowered, right there in that moment, and I felt my hope for a better life and becoming a better person renewed.

This year has been a transformative year to say the least. I have traveled more, and I have seen more doors open for me than I have ever seen in the last five years of my life. I have been more excited, more joyful and more open to the wonderful possibilities that each day brings, and people have noticed the change IN me and the change AROUND ME, and it came as result of  being intentional about making a mental change to the way I thought about my circumstances, which in turn changed the way I spoke about them to myself and others.

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So what are you talkin’ about? What world is your words creating? I know. In the hustle and bustle of life who really has time to sit down and think about what they are thinking about? Who has time for vision boards, affirmations and quirky quotes on post its mounted on the ceiling, bathroom mirror and refrigerator?

The person who is serious about PURPOSE does!! The person who is serious about….










THAT person will find time to do what is necessary to commit to a more positive mentality, which is going to be evident in his/her words. There is always a choice, and the choice is up to you. It is your life, your destiny, your future. What will you say to make sure that this last four months of the year will be better than the first eight? IT. IS. ALL. UP. TO. YOU.

 C. Mack


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