Graves Are For Dead Bodies NOT Dreams

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It is not too often that you hear about someone living to be in their 100’s. When we do, it is surely something that makes us stop, try to catch our breath and immediately ask, “What is their secret?”. It is more and more that we see lives being taken by illness, violence or some silent killer, and it has become the norm for us to see children passing away before their parents or what seemed to be a perfectly healthy human suddenly ripped from his or her family by an unscheduled and unanticipated meeting with death. When death becomes so “normal” to us, we have a tendency to disregard its impending intrusion on our own lives. We begin to live with procrastination as our companion thinking about doing things “tomorrow” or “one day” because we are led by the misconception that we are promised days we have not seen yet nor have been promised. We let our lives become overly crowded with meaningless To Do lists and futile actions and commitments that we hope lead us to the approval of other people. We keep making excuses about how it is “too late” or “too complicated” to do tasks that we have been called or moved to do. Death becomes an event that in our hearts we know will happen one day, but we never really wake up thinking, “Today can be my last day. What is the best way to live as if tomorrow is not promised?”

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The Bible warns us in the book of James that our life is a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes. We are here, and just like that- we are gone. I can attest to that! It seems like it was literally just yesterday that I had my son who is now a freshman in college. I remember like it was only a few hours ago graduating from college, but it was in 1995! I look at my life and listen to the bones cracking when I get up out of my chair and think to myself where have all of the years gone? The important lesson is not to look back too long wondering where the years went but to look forward and be intentional about where the rest of your years are going.

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My intention is to go to the grave empty. Every gift, every talent, every passion, every desire- no matter how much people understand it or not- will be lived out, realized and used to bless and help others before I leave this earth. If graves could talk, I am sure they would talk about the countless dreams, visions and plans they have welcomed along with their unsuspecting guests.



Once you are dead that is it. Once you are gone only your legacy speaks for you. There is no more time to waste hoping that other people “get it”. No one needs to “get it” but YOU! No one needs to believe in you but YOU. I promise that once you get out of other people’s box, get out of your own way and become intentional about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your goals, God will send you every resource and every person that you need to make your dream happen and to help your vision come to pass.

Stop being letting fear paralyze you.

Stop using excuses.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop pretending like you don’t know what to do next.

Start being bold!

Start seeking out the help and the information that you need!

Start with your next best step!

Start declaring out of your mouth blessings over your life and your vision!

Start living like someone else’s life depends on your success because it does!

Your dreams, visions and plans are BIGGER than you! They are for the greater good of humanity, your neighborhood and your family. They will be a blessing for someone else! The time is NOW! Waste no more time depending on TOMORROW. Act boldly- one step at a time- TODAY because if tomorrow never comes, that will just be one more dead dream in the grave- useless, unrealized and unfruitful. Don’t let that be the end of your story. Act TODAY because TODAY is all that you have.

C. Mack

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