Now is the time for me to love you

I put myself on tap for eight years

Despite a few sincere interest

Because something I started years prior

Needed to end

And just like I knew it would

It came around again

The love was still burning

Desire still there

Only to be blown out with the reality

That time really hadn’t changed as much as it seemed

The closets were cleaned out

The pictures were removed from the wall

The plans were burned

And my soul came off pause

I was free

Free to explore life in a way I hadn’t allowed before

Free to leap, run and play in the snow

Free to get locked in small bathrooms and sail off shore

Free to love an honest man…honestly

I got on with the business of living

And there you were standing in the wings watching me

Learning me, studying me

Having no desire to reshape or remold me

There you were

With arms open wide

With a plea, a sweet request to be mine

I love you for who you are to me and my babies

I love you mostly because I do not have to edit or censor the majesty that is me

You love that I dance and dazzle and have mastered the art of flirtation

I get exactly what I want

When I want it

That is not a coincidence

You love that I can join you at the conference table and we walk away with the deal we wanted

You are able to hold my roses and not get pricked by the thorns

A genius you are

You know just what you need

What I need

And you never fail

You always please

So to the man who is able to ride the storms

Dance in my sun

And stand…not run

I love you and I will love you every chance I get

Taking our some some to levels that we need a parachute to come down from

We won’t be riding off into any sunsets

Because we are the Sun

And this baby

is SET

Come and get you Some


-Poetic Flow
Lily Rose





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