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-All About this Life!


  1. Son, you are my second love. My father was my first. I am hard on you…I know. I am because I know what is in you. These streets do not have any love for you. That is real. My job is to prepare you for not what I want it to be but for what it is. I ain’t raising no punk. When you leave me, you will be armed and you will be ready. Ready for anything. I love you. I am proud of you. You are a king in the making. One day, you will be everything you will need to be for some very lucky girl, but first you have to be that MAN for yourself. Be the dude you want your Mama and sister to marry (even though I do not want to be married). Be that guy. Always. No do overs. Be right the first damn time and if you ever hurt a woman on purpose, you better pray she don’t call me.:) My gently giant. Love You BABY!

    And PS….you in this music game….don’t mess with these chicken heads. Be on purpose. Move with purpose. Always. I do not want to have to hurt no body.



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