I do not subscribe to this ball and chain style dating



Or whatever you want to call it

There are four legal statuses




And Widowed


I am happily single


This does not mean that I am alone


And I do not confuse my status with the way some folks do “legal”

marriage in this country

If you are married and your being is free that is a rare and beautiful


If you are married and bound and unable to move

That is your slavery issue

Single for me means

I am free to go where I want to go,

With who I want to go with,

When I want to go.

I am free to converse and conduct business without explanation.

I am free to have coffee, tea and develop new friendships if I so desire

If we have decided to share in one another’s lives

Let’s celebrate that each and every time

But don’t get lame

I am not a piece of property for you to claim

I am my own woman

And don’t be asking me too many damn questions

My father is in the grave.

-Lily Rose
Poetic Flow

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