I love you

I do

I love your laughter. Your smile. The light in your eyes

Your wild

That bad boy wild

I love the time we share

The craziness of our blended families

The majic we make

All those invisible babies

I love how we suck the air out of the room

All eyes on me

All eyes on you

If it were possible, you would complete me

But I am already fashioned

Already formed

You said you were cool

With me not wanting to marry you

But is that something I see in your eyes when the moonlight hits my body?

When your fingers are dancing over my curves and making circles inside my thighs?

Are you getting “You wanna get married on me”?

I love you

I do

But I do not want to be your wife

I do not want to be anyone’s wife

I am just too in love with me

I like being my own woman

Coming and going as I please

With you in my bed when

When we do what we do

You said you would not want wife from me

But I am seeing something in your eyes

Please do not make me choose

Cause I am gonna choose me

Every single time

Love me, Baby

Just love me

We don’t need papers and we don’t need a ring

What I give you has made married men leave

I am here

We are here

We are  home

No other place to be

- Poetic Flow
Lily Rose


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