YOU Are the Answer

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Do you know what is so easy? Complaining. Do you know what else is easy? Making someone else responsible for adverse conditions that we may face in the different arenas that life takes us. I hear it all the time. “Oh my God! What is the matter with our youth?” or “The world is a horrible place with all of the killings and the bad economy and unemployment and natural disasters, and do you know that they still have not fixed the water crisis in Michigan?”


After complaint….

After complaint…. lands on our ears and registers in our hearts then translates to the false message that we are helpless and hopeless in a society full of people whose rationale is “Get all I can, can all I get then sit on the can” or “I’m just doing me. Screw everyone else.” When all we hear is “bad news”, subconsciously it becomes easy to fall into the trap of not believing in our own ability to individually and collectively CHANGE THE WORLD, CHANGE OUR COMMUNITIES and CHANGE OUR SURROUNDINGS, whether it is work, our places of worship or locally right in our neighborhood.

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Do you know what is courageous? Resisting the urge to complain and instead looking inward for a solution, in other words taking personal responsibility to invoke change. Have you ever thought that God trusts you so much to be in the situation that you are in or to see and witness the things that you do because YOU are the person who is going to bring to change? Have you ever seen yourself in that bright of a light that YOU could be someone’s solution? Have you ever woke up one morning and thought, “I am the missing puzzle piece in someone’s life!”? Have you ever thought that YOUR idea, YOUR input or YOUR dream or concept was EXACTLY the one that could impact your company, your family, your industry or your community for generations to come? Imagine a world full of people who understood that their life was BIGGER than just their life. Imagine people waking up with purpose and with the intention to solve the world’s or their community’s problems….People who understood that they were only as successful as the people who they impact and help to build….People who are not satisfied with the status quo and want to maximize their gifts and talents- not for selfish glory- but to help others. THAT kind of thinking should be the norm, but sadly it is not.

But here is the good news….it can begin with you and I. Every day from here on we can live with the intention of BEING more so that we can DO more to impact the world around us. Now, don’t squirm in your seat. It doesn’t require that we take on the world’s problems and wear a superhero costume with a super huge S on our chests. The only thing it requires is the belief that we CAN make a difference in whatever sphere of influence that we have and that we see our lives- our input- as important enough to share. From the smallest to the biggest issue, if we saw ourselves as the light in a dark place and as love in a hopeless moment, we will begin to change and as a result, those around us and the situations that could have easily drained the life out of us, begin to change as well. If we see obstacles as opportunities to leave our imprint on humanity then we win in every situation because we are growing and learning while we are impacting the people whose lives we are meant to touch.

Will you commit with me to BE the change that we want to SEE?

No more complaining.

Just doing. There are people waiting on YOU to rise up.

Change is up to YOU.

C. Mack

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