I AM is always moving us forward.

I have been in deep study. I am always in some form of study, but due to pursuing an advanced degree in theology, I am in deeper study.

Learning lessons is very important to me. If God was thoughtful and considerate enough  to craft my experiences in order to teach me something, I should be gracious enough to learn what I am supposed to learn.

Why should the Lord keep moving heaven and earth for me to keep repeating the same experiences in different forms in order to teach me what I am to learn?

God has stuff to do! I AM ain’t got time for that!

Well actually, Divine does. I just do not want to be stuck on repeat.

As I continue settling into this new and exciting time in my life I want to savor all of its moments. All of its brilliance. All of its wonder.

One thing I know for sure is that I play a pivotal role in the success and well being of others and I need to be 100% Dana in order to produce optimum results and serve as the muse that I am.

KNOW Dana.


BE Dana.

NEVER compromise Dana.

I AM needs me to be in position so when the blessings come down the assembly line I am in place. I cannot be in spiritual time out due to disobedience or simply because I was not listening and missed my instructions.

In this season, I have to make my right next move and this I know for sure, turning around for any reason is not apart of the divine plan. I must be listening closely and paying attention.

-Dana Lena
All About Auspicious Living


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