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It’s always interesting to quiet myself long enough to listen to my heart to hear what to write to you on Sunday evenings. It was really quite simple today because I actually woke up with the thought in mind that I just wanted to tell you- yes YOU– that YOU are special. I know it sounds cliche, and I know that you have either told yourself this as a part of your daily ritual of reciting affirmations or someone else has told you this, but despite how much we have heard it, do we really believe it?

My definition of special focuses on more than the fact that no one has DNA or a finger print like yours. It focuses on more than the fact that you may have a unique name or an unlikely way that you were conceived, born or raised. The kind of special that you are is, well, quite extraordinary, in fact. I mean when God created you, He created you with an unparalleled purpose in mind. When he fashioned you together in your mother’s womb, He made you YOUnique and took His time with you so that your height, weight, laugh, demeanor, quirks, idiosyncrasies and likes and dislikes were all YOUniquely YOUR OWN. He smiled when you were conceived because He knew that despite the ins and outs and ups and downs that you would face, one day your life would bring you to this article to remind you of how wonderful you are- how special you really are….

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And so you may be reading this wondering how I- not knowing you- can confidently say that you are special. It isn’t necessarily that I must know YOU. All I have to do is know our Creator. Everything that you are makes you who you are, and who you are has everything to do with what you are on this Earth to do. We have fallen prey to the idea that we can only have something to offer others if we are famous, rich or have a minimum of 2,368 followers on Instagram. Somehow we have been tricked into thinking that unless we are perfect, have a perfect relationship, a perfect job with a perfect credit score and a perfect smile that we are useless. Unless we know why everything has happened in our lives- both good and bad- and unless we have attained a certain “status” then we don’t seriously consider the idea that we are here for a purpose greater than ourselves.

Being special to me means understanding that no matter where you are in your life, no matter what adversities or adversaries you have faced, no matter how you look, how much you weigh or where you work- GOD DESIGNED YOU TO BE EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE, and there is a journey that is YOUniqely your own on which you will encounter others who you can bless. Your smile can change someone’s life. Your encouragement can give someone hope. Your laugh can bring someone joy. Your kindness can be a beacon of light that shines into the dark corners of someone’s life. Your life- yes, even with all of its imperfections- can impact someone else positively. THAT is what makes you special. Your story, your gifts, your triumphs, your failures- ALL that shapes YOU, can help someone. It does not have to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect. All you have to do is believe the fact that you are YOU for a reason, and all that you are can change someone for the better.

Isn’t that what life is about? When we are gone, don’t we want to be remembered for how we helped others and how we left this world a better place? Only being remembered for the “things” we had doesn’t really make for a good eulogy. People talk about who we were and how we made them feel. They talk about the change that we inspired in their lives and the great deeds that we did and told no one simply because that is who we were.

Believe that you are different.

Believe that you are in fact very special.

Then go and give people something good to talk about….just by being YOU. THAT REALLY IS ENOUGH.

 C. Mack

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