holding on

Society has conditioned some to believe that “WE STILL TOGETHER, WE ARE HANGING IN THERE, WE STILL HERE” statements and actualities to be some kind of victory statement and position.

They are not.

Some of the couple that declare “we still together” are the couples who have opted to do so out of desperation, fear, lack of self love/respect and have chosen to endure all kind of relationship atrocities in the name of “fighting for love”.

Where in the hell did they get that from?

I have studied many ancient and holy texts, and NONE of them admonish us to FIGHT FOR LOVE or to FIGHT TO BE LOVED.

That is a manifestation of fear at its highest level.

Love is many things but a fight it is not. Checked the Greek, Latin, Hebrew and Arabic translations, nope. Fighting is not there.

Despite what the minds of some tell them.

Don’t believe me. Don’t take my word for it. Examine these “we still here” relationships and they are plagued with infidelity, abuse, neglect, abandonment, loss, disrespect and dishonor.

Men have done the most hurtful and horrific things to the woman they “love”.

Women have done hateful, deceptive and dishonorable things to the man they “love”.

Like who wants to be holding the hand of a 80 year old man declaring, “he faithful to me now. He finally settled down with me”.

When the truth of the matter is his interest only heightened as his other prospects diminished.

Really, we are better than that.


Or at least we should be. But hey, if you do not believe that you are, and do not believe love is desired and given out of free will then keep on fighting.

Keep on fighting for what someone would have given you freely and willingly. Keep fighting for respect, honor, support, free will love. Keep fighting to be honored and cherished and celebrated. Keep fighting for his heart and her honor.

Most people in these battle relationships are only in them because they are anchored in pitiful pride. They do not want to admit the truth that they know so it is much palatable to hide under the guise of ‘fighting” because it is far to respectable to be loved the way they should be loved.

People allow the treatment they feel they deserve.

For the rest of us, we will love effortlessly and open our arms and receive back the wonderful love we give. We will stand for honor, respect, faithfulness, truthfulness and authenticity. Because we know what we stand for we will receive.

That is how the Universe works. We reap what we sow and we get back what we give.

Life is not a battlefield…unless you want it to be.

Here’s to authentic loving baby. What is worth having is never to be put in a position of losing because once it is, its already lost.

We do not fight for what we want because we never lose what we want and that is the real.

Ya’ll keep all that battle love fighting over there.

The D.L.P, is basking in serenity, free will love and desire on purpose not desire by default. You can join the love fest with a willing partner or you can keep fighting with someone who has already shown you the real.

It is entirely up to you…but please know someone is ready, willing and able to love you without having to dog you first.

-Dana Lena
All About Auspicious Living

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