Somewhere along the way, we got a message that life is to be laborious, a struggle, hard, a fight.

We repeat the sentiment when we say things like,” if it’s worth having fight for it, anything we want we have to fight for, nothing comes easy”.

The season that I am in now has challenged that view. Yes, determination, steadfastness, working with purpose and passion in excellence are integral to success as we overcome obstacles.

As a former track athlete, there were obstacles I faced. Those hurdles where in my way and I had to jump over them….I never engaged in battle with them. Obstacles and opponents are not synonymous.

As I position myself to be in grace and gratitude, the whole notion of fighting in my life seems like a contradiction.

I do not want to fight for anything or to have anything. I really don’t. Instead I will simply stand.

When I stand, I am strong, I am solid, I am formidable. I stand in my convictions, my essence and on the seat of my being.

Standing and fighting are two different positions, postures and states of being.

I am not fighting for a place in a company.

I am not fighting for someone to love me or to hold on to anyone.

I am not fighting for respect or honor.

Because when we fight, we have to have someone to fight with and in order for a fight to occur, one party has to be OPPOSING the other.

Why in the hell am I going to spend anymore of my precious lifetime trying to have something, be somewhere or be with someone who is opposing me or any part of me?

That is damn silly.

Especially when there are places that would love to have me and people who would give an arm to have me on their team because they see intrinsic worth and value that needs no convincing.

As I settle into the desired place, the coveted place, the celebrated place, I release anything and anyone that requires a fight.

Instead I chose to go where I am celebrated and stay. Love those who want to be loved by me and those who give back to me what I give. I offer my gifts and the gift of my being to those who have both hands open as opposed to two clinched fist or one open hand and a closed one.

Life is too short to live fighting. I have chosen serenity and to share it with those who agree.

There are 8 billion people in the world and there are a few who get you, love you, like you, want you, need you and must have you.

Find them.

And when you do, life will reward you with springtime as opposed to ring time.

-Dana Lena’

All About Auspicious Living

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