We are in a climate where approximately 40% of voters, voted for Donald Trump. It has been clear that a percentage of this 40% are racist. Hateful, horrible, heinous people.

Not all of them.

To say that would be ridiculous. But too many of them to ignore them.

As I watched hateful executive orders be signed, basic needs for Americans cut and eliminated and children snatched from their mothers arms, I have asked myself  “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?”

I have been sitting on this question for quite some time and every time I ask Divine, these images come to mind.


I do not think the children WHITE TERROR raised, have been given the attention they needed or deserved. I cannot even imagine the horror they had to endure being raised in an environment where it was fun to go to a picnic on a Sunday afternoon on a a day much like today, and watch black people be lynched.

Can you imagine the hate in those homes? The abuse these children endured as they were developing in a society that was changing and telling them everything about who they were and what they thought was wrong?

Parents are the most deliberate and effective teachers. What our children see us do and what they hear us say is what sticks and stays. What we DO has more glue and sticks far greater than what we say.

The conflict these children endured as they watched their fathers beat other men to death and set them on fire, only to have to sit in class next to some of  the victims children just a few years later. In some places in the South, hell the next day.

I believe this is why people who are accused of being racist (Roseanne for example), swear they are not racist. Despite saying really hateful and mean things. Roaseanne was born somewhere in between when photo’s like these were taken. The war in the members of these people who were raised in hate at home but went out into a world that told them it was wrong is something we see lived out loud…RIGHT NOW.

A civil war is going on right inside their own mind and soul.

Remember the white man who shot at a black kid who got lost on his way to school that knocked on his door to ask for directions? As he shot, his wife was calling the police and after he was arrested she was interviewed and said “But we are not racist. We have a black friend”.

These people are the kids in the pictures. Seen and unseen.

That woman is somewhere in one of these pictures.


I do not know if we can help them…but now we can understand just a little better who they are.


-Dana Lena
All About Auspicious Living



  1. Knowing is good. The struggle with hating what is evil is good but to hate is rooted in evil i believe. Our saving grace is trying to be better. Putting forth the effort is good.


  2. I hate what is going on in our country. It is like we are rolling backwards but to hate, to hate anything or anyone is wrong. I have to deal with how I feel in a positive way. Hate and Love cannot exist in the same vessel. I know this.


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