My beautiful daughter informed me that her fourth grade teacher asked the class this question:

“How many of you think women should be paid the same amount of money as men for doing the exact same job?”.

She said that 15 boys said women should make less.

Only one boy dissented from his peers.

All the girls said women should be paid the same as men for doing the same job.

A few girls said women should be paid more because women are cuter.

The overall consensus of the boys was that men were more important and valuable, therefore men should be paid more.

Now, I have advised my daughter to make note of what these little discriminators in the making look like so she can avoid them like the plaque as she matures, but seriously, who are raising these cave men and where are they getting this from?

Women raise children.

We are responsible for the most part for teaching, admonishing, instructing and shaping them so for the life of me, I cannot understand how 15 out of 16 nine year old boys  honesty feel this way.

We have to teach our sons that women are equal. Mother is equal to Father and their sisters are equal to them. We have to believe it and model it in our homes and in our lives and make the men in our lives respect it.


For the sake of our daughters, we have to teach our sons to value and treat all women the way we want to be treated without exception.

Without exception.

Senior Writer, Publisher
Auspicious Living Magazine


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