That little small voice, something said, I knew….is the voice of the Divine.  Instructing us, warning us, leading us, directing us and trying to protect us.

What Divine says does not always make sense. It is not always easy. It does not always feel good.  We may not always know the end game, but if we hearken to the voice of God, we will be better off in the end.

God never changes His mind. Spirit is absolute truth.  What He tells us to do is what we are to do. This instruction often will challenge us.

Challenge us to confront that which we have hid.

God will tell us what we do not want to hear. HE will make us see ourselves in the mirror. We can either stand there and take in the view or run from it. Most people run from it.

The plan God has for my life affects everyone connected to my journey. If I am in relationship with the wrong man, my children will suffer. How will I know they are suffering? The state of their spirit will reveal.

If a man is connected to the wrong woman, he will not produce because she is barren. She will be unable to CONCEIVE, BIRTH, RAISE AND RELEASE his seeds. She will need him in unhealthy ways to help her do what she is supposed to do. She fails with him not necessarily due to inability, she fails because she is not suited for him.

If I partner with the wrong business partner, my business will suffer. It will not grow as it should. How will I know? The health of the business will tell me whether the venture was a win or a loss.

God is Spirit. God is Divine. God is prosperity. God is wisdom. We know what we know by what is produced.  We know a tree but it’s fruit. When God tells us to do something, it is in best interest to do so.

When we fail to heed His sound counsel, disaster is just a short season away and when it hits us, we need to go back and examine where we got off track. Where was the disobedience in the path? When did we decide to do our thing as opposed to the divine thing.

If we honestly examine, we will see it.

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