Have you ever listened to the humming sounds of ceiling fans?
Each one has a different speed, a different hum that puts me to sleep.
Watching the blades go round and round clockwise in summer.
Counter for winter…blowing down air & sucking it up again.
I enjoy the humming of the ceiling fan. Just close your eyes and feel the breeze from the blades.  Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum
Mix that with the sounds of the bullfrogs at night and a scooter humming somewhere out of sight.

Have you? Yes you…Have you ever listened to the sounds?ears and sound
Breathing, leaves rustling, water running, wind blowing, rain on a tin roof.
Passing gas sounds like a trumpet, a stinky one maybe but a trumpet none the less.  Squirrels outside my window and my cats meow.
Neighbors talking in the distance about who did it, what for and why.  The humming of the refrigerator & the tick tock of the wall clock.  The sounds of electricity flowing when the TV is turned on & off.

You hafta sit in the quiet sometimes so you can hear the sounds!

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