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I am so excited! I have been working on this for years. Perfecting the recipes for my scrubs, oils, balms and candles. The GLOW FLOW oil has seven essential healing oils and heals skin from the inside out. These legs are moisturized with this oil and so is the rest of me.

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In each focus group, Lily Rose products were selected over top name brands! Get your Glow Flow, Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub and for Fathers Day, if the men in your life are rocking those sexy beards, The Beard Balm Kit is a must. The Beard Balm Kit is on sale for $39.


On the first day of summer, we will launch GLOW FLOW Body Cream Oil with shimmer.  Glow with me.

(Lilly was my grandmother and I love roses!)


-Dana Lena'
All About Auspicious Living

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