Occasionally, I will read something on Twitter that is not only worthy of a re-tweet, but a soul ponder. Yesterday, someone tweeted, LIVE YOUR WIN and everything in my soul stood up, took notice and began to applaud.

Living our win requires that we have a fundamental understanding of what winning means. As a former athlete, everything we did was to win. My track team was undefeated for years. Our coach ran us in the snow, sleet, rain and hail and in Cleveland there was a lot of all of that.

My father had threatened to pay my coach, Mr. Slapnick a visit on several occasions for running his baby in the rain. Every other girl on the team was running in the rain but a gross sin had been committed because I was wet.

I begged my Dad not to visit my coach because the result of that was going to be me being kicked off the track team and I loved running.  It probably would have also resulted in a fight and someone going to jail….namely,  Edgar Allen Douglas Perry.  So Dad backed down and off. I could get him to do that when no one else could.

Coach Slapnick was only concerned about winning and we conditioned and trained with that in mind. Second place was no place as far as he was concerned and we all knew the expectation and we pushed our minds and bodies to cross that tape first, every single time.

Getting those trophies were awesome and those first place ribbons were something to boast about but as I grew older, I realized trophies are not indicators of winning and neither are ribbons. They adorn the outward man but do very little to mature the inner man.

I know people who have accumulated a ton of things, trophies, ribbons and public recognition and they want you to believe they are winning, and they are not. The past two weeks, two very high profile, accomplished and adored people took their lives because they were hopeless and unhappy, yet they lived lives everyone around them envied and everyone would have concluded they were winners.

Winning has to be redefined.

Winning for me is living a life I own. Being present for my children. Winning means being loved, supported, cherished, coveted and adored. Winning is having equatable, honest, truthful and faithful relationships from beginning to end. Winning is zero tolerance for deliberate hurt and heart mismanagement.

As I look around my life today, all I can do is smile. This is my view.


Sitting on my deck working on ten projects (almost ten) and scanning checks into my account via my phone. We do not even have to go the bank anymore.

Winning for me is watching the fruit and vegetables grow in these garden bags so I can transition them into my garden and feed my family food that I do not have to worry about being recalled.

Winning for me is listening to my daughters giggles and my son trying to whisper “what is Mom cooking today?” Winning is waking up in the arms of happy and going to bed spooned in peace and knowing I do not have to wonder when I am going to be betrayed or if my man is coming home.  And if he comes home, who did he slip out of the office to see.

Winning is feeling “those hands” around my waist and feeling my beloveds warm breath in my ear and being able to believe it when he says “I will not hurt you”.

Winning is continuing to build, believe and benefit from the fruit of my labor and answering to no one except my God and my soul.

Winning is not about trophies, things and bling. Winning is about living a life with our head above the sand while we carve out a beautiful life that is honest, true, faithful and pure.


-Dana Lena'
All About Auspicious Living



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