A thing or person that can be won, obtained, or persuaded with little effort is low hanging fruit.


Becoming who we are full throttle requires that we connect with people who will challenge us and require more of us.

People who have not limited us by their previous experiences with us but who are encouraged by the possibilities they see in us. People who ARE MORE, DEMAND MORE. What was good enough, won’t be with these folk.  

Low hanging fruit is an easy reach with easy gratification. Easy is easy. Aim high. Reach higher. Be authentic. A version ought not do.

Being #excellence will require that we resist the low hanging.  Leave that for the folks with no real vision and a copy and pasted plan.

Soar baby, Soar with the eagles and enjoy the bounty that only flying in the third heaven produces. Yeah, look that up.

Third Heaven.



All About Auspicious Living



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