I was asked to identify how community based programs can be successful in reaching those in our communities when it comes to healing addiction. I do not believe that addiction is something that can be “healed” in the traditional sense, because I do not believe it is a disease. Addiction may cause disease. Addiction may open up the soul and spirit to disease. Addiction can even be a disease gateway; but addiction does not originate as a disease.

Addiction originated as a choice. We do not do the world or our communities any justice by crafting arguments and developing positions and policies rooted in delusion and dysfunction. I am addicted to caffeine. I am addicted to caffeine because I drink a cup of coffee every morning. If I do not drink a cup of coffee in the morning I am groggy. I am irritable. I am not as alert.

Besides the water I use to brush my teeth, coffee is the first thing I feed my body. Then around noon, I have a smoothie. A fresh one. Berries, banana’s and a touch of milk. Operative word in these sentences…I.

Caffeine does not have a gene. It does not flow in my veins or blood stream. I introduced my body to caffeine when I decided I was going to drink coffee every day at work. My caffeine addiction started out as a choice as all addictions do. Babies who are born addicted are addicted because their mother chose to do drugs pregnant and they have been impacted by that decision no differently than the child outside of the womb is suffering due to their mother sitting at the foot of the bed shooting crack or heroine. The drugs inside of the body affecting a pregnant woman being distributed to her child in the womb would be greater of course, than the fumes from drugs in the atmosphere in a room affecting a child…but both are the result of independent choice.

We need to be clear and remain clear.

Now, back to me. I do not anticipate deliverance or treatment for my caffeine addiction because I like the taste of coffee and because I like the taste of coffee, I will continue to drink it. It really is that simple. When any addiction causes us to be ineffective, unhealthy, immobile and unreliable then it has risen to the level of demanding our attention and treatment, until then it is something most of us manage.

We can facilitate healing in our communities by being honest and having candid and responsible conversations about accountability. The truth sometimes hurt, but it is the truth nevertheless. Calling myself a caffeine addict stung. It did. However; as I type this article, I am sipping a delicious cup of coffee and I have a choice to pick up this cup or not.

Nothing and no one is more powerful than our free will and our God consciousness.

We began to heal our communities with doses of honesty, transparency, accountability and truth.  We begin by doing the work that is needed inside of the hearts, inside of the spirit, inside the home. We cannot allow men or institutions who have systematically fought against the freedom of people and the natural liberation of people to be champions of spiritual and divine freedom.

Freedom comes from the Liberator in Chief.


Often those in power want to remain in power and the slave chambers may become more sophisticated and advanced but slavery is still slavery all day long. Let us look at some very shocking and staggering statistics provided by Drug Free World (

  • Prescription drug abuse causes the largest percentage of deaths from drug overdosing.
  • Of the 22,400 drug overdose deaths in the US in 2005, opioid painkillers were the most commonly found drug, accounting for 38.2% of these deaths.
  • 45% of the causes of death by overdose was from prescription drugs while only 39% of overdose deaths were from street drugs (combined)
  • In 2007, the DEA found that abuse of the LEGAL pain killer Fentanyl killed more than 1,000 people that year in the United States and it is thirty to fifty times more powerful than heroine.A generic photo of prescription drugs ta

I do not and will not trust a system that is rewarded with financial gain from the number of prescriptions it writes and who have lobbyist fighting for FDA approval for some new chemical concoction. A concoction that costs them twenty cents to make in a lab that they sell for $22.00 with an addiction rate 100 times that of heroine. A concoction that has 50 more side affects than the issue or disease it was created by man to “cure”.

Man has a tendency to created problems in order to address problems. I chose to rely on the Spirit of Truth to lead, guide and direct. Whenever something bigger than me gets in my face or the face of my children we will just remember “I AM ’ and see where that revelation and declaration leads.  I wonder what would happen to the consciousness and spirits of all the addicts in AA and NA programs who declared “I am created in the image of God” as opposed to “I am an addict”.

This belief, position and confession cannot just be a rambling of words. It has to be tied, connected,  anchored and rooted in the Spirit of Truth. The creature must be holding the Creators hand every step of the way, otherwise we get what we got.

And what we got is a mess.

-Dana Lena'
The Budding Professor
All About Auspicious Living

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