Positive thinking is wonderful and has its place but you cannot positively think a serious and legitimate issue or problem away.

Having a positive attitude and outlook is crucial to living a successful life. A positive attitude is not the same as positive thinking because positive thinking tends to call dung perfume. Positive thinking is often rooted in delusion.

A positive attitude sees a situation for what it is and accepts it for what it is looking for the lesson in the situation or circumstance. Positive thinking, alters the truth to make it fit fallacy.

We cannot change what we do not honestly acknowledge. What we do not acknowledge will not change and somethings is what it is.


I am five foot three inches tall. I fool myself when I put on 5 inch heels but I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and I cannot positively think myself into being 5′ 9”.

Positive Attitude embraces my little short self and know matter how positive my attitude, Dana is 5′ 3” tall all day long. My legs are longer than the average short person, so that is a positive take on my short truth.

We have to know the difference between Positive Attitude and Positive Thinking so we do not spend our lives fooling ourselves and robbing ourselves of authentic truth and freedom.

Ain’t nothing cute about having sand in our hair because our head is always buried there.


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